Everyone and everything deserves respect!!


We all have been blessed with a wonderful life. But, do we respect everything that's there in this life? If no, then it's time to change. It's time to respect everything we have in life, because everything and everyone deserves respect.

Food is the most important part of our daily life. Do we all respect food? When our mom makes our favourite dish or when we have a burger or pizza in front of us, we are all happy. But when someday, there is a dish which we dislike, or when there is less salt or more chilly in the food, do we treat it the same way? We start grumbling about how we can't eat that food and ultimately that leads to wastage of the food. Often when we eat at restaurants, we order food more than our requirement, and at the end, the leftover food is wasted. 

While doing so, do we ever think of the people who don't even get two times meal a day. Our neighbour, Yemen has been suffering with food scarcity, leading to starvation in both children and adults. Other developing countries, including India, also has most part of its population living in hunger. There are people whose only meal in the day is our wasted food, which they find in the dustbins. 

If you have food on your plate, Respect it ! 

We often tend to judge others based on their physical appearance. We mostly respect only those who are well dressed and appear to be good on the outside. What actually matters is how the person is on the inside. A well dressed man in a suit may also be a criminal, whereas a poor looking man could be the most generous and kind of all. Whether the person is white, black, thin, fat, short, tall, rich, poor, each one is equal, and should be respected equally. 

What you do comes back to you. We should treat people the way we want to be treated by them. So if we don't respect others, nobody is going to respect us. 

We need money for everything in today's world. When we have money, we often don't respect it. Money is wasted on unnecessary things, be it the grandeur of weddings, parties, celebrations or on things that we don't actually need. The money we waste on these things could be of so much benefit to someone in need of it, someone for whom even one Rial or one Rupee, would mean a lot. 

So my dear readers, 


So let us all pledge today, that we will respect food, no matter how it tastes. We will respect people no matter what size, shape or colour they are. And we will respect money, value it and also try to help those in need of it. 


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