Are you a procrastinator?


It is an action of postponing or delaying work.

There are many reasons why people procrastinate, one of the greatest
reasons is that, people are averse to the task that they need to perform.
For example, if you have to meet people whom you dislike you might end up procrastinating instead of just meeting them.
Similarly if you have to complete a task like an assignment or a project that you don't like, you might just keep it for later.

Not just disliking but there are also many other reasons like:

1) Fear of failure
2) Depression
3) Trouble focusing
4) Difficulty defining goals
5) Lack of energy
6) Task of aversion
7) Avoidance

And many more... I believe each and every person has his or her own
reason to procrastinate, sometimes it can be their laziness, or aversion, frustration, pressure.
But procrastinating is not a very good habit.

Effects of procrastination: 

1) Affects our progress
2) Makes us lazy
3) Makes us less productive
4) Delay in completing important work
5) We waste our precious days

Few tips or ways to avoid procrastinating which I have tried and have really worked:

1) TO-DO list
Something you can do everyday before you start with your day,
making a to-do list means organizing yourself. We all have so many tasks to be done every day, we sometimes get engaged with one task/activity so much that we forget about the rest and at the end procrastinate it or in simple words leave it for later.
Making a to-do list is worth as it helps to stay organized and and complete all our tasks properly.

2) Management of time
Management of time helps us to stay productive, give enough time to each task. 
You know how much time you may take to complete a work, so accordingly you should make a list of things to have to do and give each task proper time.

3)Take breaks after every task
We may get frustrated if we do our work continuously without breaks , so taking breaks gives our minds rest so that we can perform our next task properly.

4) Set goals
Setting goals means to have a target in our minds, that before this particular day finishes I am going to complete these many tasks at any cost. And most important be determined to achieve your goals.

So these are the four ways I have used and I still use in my daily life to stop procrastinating. Seriously it feels so good when you complete your task on time.

Last but not the least, remember its better late than never.
If you realize how procrastination has affected your life and want to change it, start it today!!


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