Hello everyone and welcome back to my website.. Today's blog is going to be the very first blog of 2022.... I hope and wish that this year brings a lot of happiness and joy in all our lives.. 
In today's blog I am going to talk about 1 very important thing that I realized and wanted to share with you all..
2021 has been a blast, a year with sadness, happiness, pain, realizations, etc.. The best thing is that we all are safe... And we need to be very grateful for this. We need to thank Allah who kept all of us safe and happy.. Yes there are many people whom we have lost but what happens, happens for the best.. So we all should pray for the ones we lost and be grateful that we all are safe and wish for a happy and safe year ahead!! 

I would like to end this blog by few lines, 
Happy new year!! 
May this year bring a lot of happiness and joy in your lives... 
I know last 2 years have been traumatic, 
But I hope this new year brings some magic.. 
May this year be filled with love and very less tear, 
May we all be able to face our fear.. 
To all my readers who are reading this a very



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