WHENRUBYREADS: ROBIN SHARMA--: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari (Part-2)


You might have read my last blog on the book review of "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" by Robin Sharma, here is the part 2. 

In today's blog I will talk about the characters of the story. Although there were just 2 characters, there are few things that I learnt from them. 

I will start with Julian Mantle, he is an inspiring person because, he shares a lot of things that are necessary for us to know in today's time.

The best thing about him is his courtesy and willingness to share the things he learnt. He was very patient throughout the story. He patiently answered all the questions that John had asked him. 

The thing I learnt from his character is "PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH". Julian only said things that he actually practiced or did in his own life. 

We often talk or give lectures to people about topics or lessons that we ourselves don't follow. We need to be very cautious about the things we say and make sure that, whatever we preach, we practice it too.

The second character, was John. His character taught me another very interesting and important characteristic that a person should have - "THE WILLINGNESS TO LEARN NEW THINGS". He was so keen throughout, to know about Julian Mantle's story , he kept asking questions, which clearly displayed his interest. 

So it's very much necessary to keep learning. And if we get a chance to make our lives better, then we shouldn't miss it.


+ Preach only what you practice.

+ Have the willingness to learn new things.


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